We enjoy collaborating with

specialists with complementary skills and expertise


Sharing knowledge and best practice has never been more important, as our increasingly connected world continues to change. We nurture strong and honest relationships with our clients and colleagues, sharing and exchanging experience and understanding.

We enjoy collaborating with specialists with complementary skills, expertise and values. We regularly work with economists, demographers, urban designers, GIS specialists, environmentalists and infrastructure specialists.

When we work on a project we ensure that our team is made up of the right experts and specialists for the job. Often we have enough in-house skills to work with you on our own but where necessary we’ll engage other specialists to collaborate with us so that our work, and your final product, benefits from their complementary skills and expertise. Inevitably, when we’re working with such talented people, we build relationships that we want to make the most of again and again. We particularly admire the work of the specialists listed below and look forward to working with them more in the future: